Anyplace was launched in 2017 and set out to create a world where people can live anyplace they desire. We believe that the housing rental experience should be straightforward and flexible. It should be an enriching journey that is simple and easy to manage. It should be about opening new doors, discovering new places and having new experiences. We believe, when you connect with like-minded people, amazing things can happen. However, we know that connecting and meeting people in your new city can be challenging. We built our community platform to solve this problem and bring people together, wherever they are.

We will continue to enable people to live lifestyles, free from traditional constraints and commitments. We will develop our service and provide even better experiences. We want to live in a world where anyone can live anywhere they desire. That is our goal and what we are driven to achieve. In the future, we will grow and develop our community. We’ll reach more, connect more and bring more people, across the world, together.

The Story of Anyplace started as fluid as today’s technology has made our lives, traditional living options have clipped our wings and grounded us with things like rents, lease and mortgages. At Anyplace, we’re out to change that by providing people with easy, turn-key housing options all over the world. No long-term leases. No buying or moving furniture. No endless screening processes. No landlords. Just dependable and hassle-free living designed with global citizens in mind. New places feel like homes when we experience them as a community. We are driven to make connecting with like-minded people, wherever you are, easy. Through our community platform, Anyplacers, anywhere, can connect, make friends and explore new places, together.

Why we started anyplace? We were in the same place, as millions of others all over the world; stressed-out by and fed-up with renting. The endless screening processes, the ceaseless paperwork, the hassle and worry, the shackle-like commitments – enough was enough. One day, we came up with a solution; a way to navigate the clutter and complexity of traditional renting. Imagine you could live, rent and move more freely; as free as checking-in and checking-out of a hotel. What if you could have safe and secure service, but without the chains of long-term commitment? What if you could be free to move more, explore more and make more connections, with like-minded people?

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