BecomeNomad was started by Eli David, in 2012, and is here to this day owing to the leadership of our editor and real boss Dan, and Vuk, a magician WordPress developer.

The goal of BecomeNomad’s blog and podcast is to provide insights and resources for nomads who are already on the road, while also offering inspiration to those of you who are considering a long-term nomadic lifestyle. We would like it to be a resource to help people get unstuck, if they wish. Some of the articles will even be relevant for non-nomads as they relate to other life aspects and general travel.

The nomadic lifestyle is based on the following pillars which I keep on forgetting: Nothing is mine, everything is temporal, life is right now, and it is not serious.

Although it sounds exciting to live as a permanent nomad, my actual lifestyle is not what you expect. I work about 9 hours a day, and only travel during the weekends. The only special element here is that I generally don’t stay more than 3 months in the same place, and my next destination is preferably a country I have never been to before. You can read more about my nomadic structure of life here.

I am trying to make sure that the blog and podcast will remain a hobby which will hopefully cover the costs, since I want to keep my travels and life pure and separated from my income. While travelling, I am focusing on building cool stuff. I am currently working on a global startup ecosystem map and research centre – StartupBlink.

As for the content of BecomeNomad, I have decided to avoid highlighting my own adventures and journeys (since those will honestly put you to sleep) and focus on investigating the Nomadic Lifestyle instead.

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