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The Jobs Abroad Bulletin (JAB) is a blog style bulletin board full of job vacancies posted by employers looking for staff. They allow employers to post vacancies to them for free, so JAB can contain as many jobs as possible.

They have been in existence in one form or another since 1992, going online seven years later, and sending the first issue of JAB out into the world as a monthly email bulletin in April 2000, reaching 70,000 readers and 100 issues before we changed to placing the job vacancies in their current blog format in 2010. Once part of an inter-related group of travel websites and blogs intent on encouraging people to travel for longer, in 2020 – having realized they had created so much more work for ourselves – they began migrating the content on their other five websites to Jobs Abroad Bulletin.

Over the years they have helped their readers to finance their travels by working as powerboat crew in Greece, bar staff in the Czech Republic, chefs in Austria, camp counsellors in Russia, English teachers in Japan, au pairs in Dubai, holiday reps in Turkey, waiters in Cyprus, chalet girls in Switzerland, dancers in Jordan, nannies in New Zealand, tour leaders in Southeast Asia, hotel entertainers in Egypt, nurses in Bahrain, call centre staff in Ireland, researchers in Cambodia, snackbar attendants in Portugal, hot-air balloon ground crew in France, classroom assistants in Chile, eco trail leaders in Costa Rica, hostel workers in Panama, ski instructors in Italy, kitchen workers in the USA, tent erectors in Germany, training managers in Oman, and caretakers in Uganda.

Many of these jobs are wonderful, rewarding experiences in themselves. Some just pay the bills. Some are paid, some are not. But what they all have in common is keeping you in Barcelona, Bali or Buenos Aires for longer. Though competition for some of the plum jobs out there can be intense, they don’t deal in highly paid, skilled positions requiring lots of qualifications and experience. They focus mostly on short and medium term jobs that almost anyone can do, or learn to do.

While anyone is welcome to use their site, their core readership is British and Irish, EU nationals, Americans, Canadians Australians and New Zealanders. Work, and even tourist, visa rules mean some nationalities will find it harder to work and travel overseas than others, and they post their vacancies and information in both good faith and the certain knowledge, not everything will be applicable to everyone. They also post out of state travel type jobs for Americans to find in their own vast country.

On Jobs Abroad Bulletin, you can also enjoy their blog called The Working Traveller Magazine. There, you can find a whole section of working abroad features and interviews too, covering the best types of work available to working travellers, including tourism, catering and hospitality jobs, working in a ski resort, teaching English, and location independence.

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