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Nomad Flag is a travel blog for culture vultures, digital nomads, lifestyle entrepreneurs, long-term travellers, and expats. There you can find information about backpack packing, how to find work on the road, travel VPNs, money transfer services, inspirational books, travel hacks, and many more useful information for travellers.

I’m Keith, a traveller, entrepreneur, and techie with over 25 years of travel experience and a love of culture. I started this site several years ago as a way of helping others with the techniques and tricks I’d picked up from a lifetime of taking planes, trains and automobiles around the world. It’s a passion project. It has to be done!

I’m interested in slow travel. Staying put in a place for a long time might appear boring to some people. But the benefits of learning a new culture, making friends, experiencing a place as a “local”, and enjoying being somewhere (rather than rushing to the next place), make slow travel a much more attractive option for me.

I’ve been travelling for a long time, but I only recently started a travel blog. One day I’ll add everything I can to the pages of this website. I’d recommend anyone that loves travel to write about their experiences. Even if you have no intention of starting a blog or making money from travel blogging, your writing will be an account of your journeys and experiences. It’s also a great way to practice travel writing.

The tips and tricks I suggest here will help you, but they should only be a small part of the travel experience. Letting yourself get lost, meet new people, and learn new things will bring you more joy than any new travel app or gadget. However, it’s good to be prepared. Knowing how to get the most out of a trip is valuable. I wouldn’t want you to throw away money either, so helping with money-saving tips is part of the plan for this site.

I don’t write for the tour bus and package deal tourists because that’s not my area. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I just don’t have any experience in that type of travel.

I’m a blogger, entrepreneur and online business owner. I would love to hear from other bloggers (travel bloggers or otherwise) and online entrepreneurs. Please also get in touch if you’d like some help with your travel plans. There’s nothing a travel geek likes more than to talk about their favourite subject.

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